ADK HR Solutions Recently Completed


          Compensation Studies:

  • County commission position of general aviation director
  • 18 positions for airport authority
  • CEO and almost 60 staff positions for small hub airport authority board
  • All positions for medium hub airport authority board
  • Multiple CEO surveys for medium, small and non-hub airport authority boards
  • Multiple airport director surveys for county non-hub airports for county managers
  • Senior positions for quasi-authority non-hub airport
  • All positions for high operation general aviation airport authority board
  • General aviation airport manager salary review for Port Authority
  • Updated previous compensation surveys to stay current

         Airport Career Coaching:

  • At the end of every search, ADK provides input to unsuccessful candidates who seek input for personal and professional development and airport career coaching.
  • ADK has Team Members who are airport specialists that have placed more airport senior management executives than any other search firm since 2003.
  • ADK has counseled countless military to help them transition to careers in aviation and other industries.
  • ADK does not charge candidates or clients for this airport career coaching service. It is our way of giving back to the airport industry that we love.

          Interim Director Positions:

  • Airport director at city commercial service airport
  • Airport director for commercial service airport authority
  • Airport director for multiple authority-owned commercial service airports
  • Airport director for several quasi-authority airports
  • Airport director for multiple county owned commercial service airport
  • Airport director for county system of 4 airports
  • Airport director for city owned general aviation airport
  • Vice President of HR Department for medium hub airport

          Organizational Evaluations & Recommendations:

  • Comprehensive senior staff evaluation for authority general aviation airport
  • Comprehensive staffing analysis for authority commercial airport CEO
  • Conducted in-depth review of city airport operations
  • Staffing plan analysis for city strategic planning
  • Restructure of HR department at medium hub airport
  • In-depth review of airport operations department procedures and staffing for small hub airport
  • Reviewed department for CEO at medium hub
  • In-depth organizational review of 12 senior management staff and reporting structure for authority airport CEO
  • In-depth review of high operation general aviation airport for authority board

          Performance Management Evaluations:

  • Evaluated CEO’s direct reports for large hub airport
  • Developed CEO evaluation program that aligned with balanced scorecard
  • Developed incentive program for CEO that aligned with Goals & Objective accomplishment
  • Developed staff performance evaluation management program and staff incentive program

          Other HR Functions:

  • Developed/revised from 1 to over 140 job descriptions for medium, small, non-hub and general aviation airports
  • Conducted study of diversity of senior positions at U.S. airports for city manager


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