A Selection of Clients Served & Executives Hired

  • Cynthia Guidry, PE Long Beach CA
    Airport Director
    Cynthia Guidry, PE
  • Roben Armstrong Las Vegas NV
    Airport Strategic Planning Manager
    Roben Armstrong
  • Scott Sheets Ft Myers FL
    General Aviation Director
    Scott Sheets
  • Leslie Combs Louisville KY
    Executive Director
    Leslie Combs
  • Matt Aubry CM Omaha NE
    Operations Manager
    Matt Aubry CM
  • David Haring CM Lincoln, NE
    Executive Director
    David Haring CM
  • Shannetta Griffin PE Columbus OH
    Chief Development Officer
    Shannetta Griffin PE
  • Mark Kiehl San José CA
    Air Service Development Manager
    Mark Kiehl
  • Robert Burr AAE Brunswick GA
    Executive Director
    Robert Burr AAE
  • David Perley Melbourne FL
    Director of Capital Improvements
    David Perley
  • Tim O’Donnell AAE South Bend IN
    Director of Operations & Maintenance
    Tim O’Donnell AAE
  • Tucker Field Seattle WA
    Terminal Planner
    Tucker Field
  • Anthony DeFrenza PE Burbank CA
    Director of Engineering
    Anthony DeFrenza PE
  • Kevan Smith Asheville NC
    Public Safety Chief
    Kevan Smith
  • Richard Howell AAE Columbus GA
    Airport Director
    Richard Howell AAE
  • Kenneth Strickland Raleigh-Durham NC
    Director, Air Service Development
    Kenneth Strickland
  • John Burkholder JD Tampa FL
    Risk and Insurance Director
    John Burkholder JD
  • Jeffery Mallamad Indianapolis IN
    General Counsel
    Jeffery Mallamad
  • Faiyaz Ali PE San Jose CA
    Senior Engineer
    Faiyaz Ali PE
  • Abe Weber CM Appleton WI
    Airport Director
    Abe Weber CM
  • Kenneth Maenpa CM Telluride CO
    Airport/FBO Manager
    Kenneth Maenpa CM
  • Lisa Waters Tallahassee FL
    Lisa Waters
  • Kevin Dolliole New Orleans LA
    Director of Aviation
    Kevin Dolliole
  • David Griswold Nashville TN
    Director of Public Safety
    David Griswold
  • Duane Legan PMP Raleigh-Durham NC
    VP, Airport Operations
    Duane Legan PMP
  • Patrick Dame Grand Forks ND
    Executive Director
    Patrick Dame
  • Eric Freed Santa Ana CA
    Director, Public Affairs
    Eric Freed
  • Darlene Nelson CPA Panama City Beach FL
    Director of Finance & Administration
    Darlene Nelson CPA
  • Bradley Boettcher Roanoke VA
    Dir. of Marketing & Air Service Dev.
    Bradley Boettcher
  • Michael Hushek Naples FL
    FBO Manager
    Michael Hushek
  • Craig Williams AAE Flint MI
    Airport Director
    Craig Williams AAE
  • Matthew Cramer AIA LEED AP Nashville TN
    Director, Design
    Matthew Cramer AIA LEED AP
  • Jarrod Green CPA Cincinnati OH
    Senior Manager-Financial Reporting
    Jarrod Green CPA
  • Emmanuel Maldonado CM Indianapolis, IN
    Project Manager II
    Emmanuel Maldonado CM
  • Melinda Crawford AAE Charlottesville VA
    Executive Director
    Melinda Crawford AAE
  • Michael Edwards Baton Rouge LA
    Director of Aviation
    Michael Edwards
  • Brian Pratte San Antonio TX
    Air Service Administrator
    Brian Pratte
  • Michael Landguth AAE Raleigh-Durham
    President & CEO
    Michael Landguth AAE
  • Kathleen Sharman CPA Orlando, FL
    Chief Financial Officer
    Kathleen Sharman CPA
  • Bill Sandifer AAE Raleigh-Durham
    Senior Vice President & COO
    Bill Sandifer AAE
  • Doug Kreulen AAE Nashville TN
    Chief Executive Officer
    Doug Kreulen AAE
  • Drew Niemeyer San Jose CA
    Dep. Director Planning & Development
    Drew Niemeyer
  • Kwang Chen Boston MA
    Chief Information Officer
    Kwang Chen
  • Carl Beardsley Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton PA
    Executive Director
    Carl Beardsley
  • Lisa Jump PHR South Bend IN
    Vice President Human Resources
    Lisa Jump PHR
  • Ken Warriner CPA Naples FL
    Director of Finance & Administration
    Ken Warriner CPA
  • Andy Solsvig CM Eagle/Vail CO
    Assistant Direcotor of Aviation
    Andy Solsvig CM
  • Michael Daigle AAE South Bend IN
    Executive Director
    Michael Daigle AAE
  • James McCluskie New Orleans LA
    Dep. Dir. of Aviation Planning & Dev.
    James McCluskie
  • Carol LeTellier Wilmington NC
    Director of Business Development
    Carol LeTellier
  • Dawn Hunter Seattle WA
    Sr. Manager Airport Dining & Retail
    Dawn Hunter
  • Chip Snowden AAE Jacksonville, FL
    Aviation Market Principal
    Chip Snowden AAE
  • Frank Miller AAE Burbank CA
    Executive Director
    Frank Miller AAE
  • Herbert Judon, AAE, IAP Augusta GA
    Executive Director
    Herbert Judon, AAE, IAP
  • Jonathan Vaden Tampa FL
    Director of Marketing
    Jonathan Vaden
  • Marily Mora AAE Reno NV
    Marily Mora AAE
  • Bryant Garrett AAE Ogden UT
    Airport Manager
    Bryant Garrett AAE
  • John Faulkner AAE Great Falls MT
    Executive Director
    John Faulkner AAE
  • Robin Strasser CPA Fort Wayne IN
    Dir. of Administration & Finance
    Robin Strasser CPA
  • David Reid AAE Eagle County, CO
    Airport Director
    David Reid AAE
  • Jason Foster Medford OR
    Air Service & Business Development Manager
    Jason Foster
  • Eric Strong, PE Seattle WA
    Aviation Project Manager
    Eric Strong, PE
  • Patrick Dooley Fort Wayne, IN
    Director of Airport Development
    Patrick Dooley
  • Jim Chrisley Las Vegas NV
    Deputy Director of Aviation-Operations
    Jim Chrisley
  • Joe Behling Ft Wayne IN
    FBO General Manager
    Joe Behling
  • Barry Brown Portland ME
    Airport Dep. Director, Operations & Maint.
    Barry Brown
  • Michael Giardino CM Williamsburg VA
    Executive Director
    Michael Giardino CM
  • Marge Basrai CPA, CM Nashville TN
    Marge Basrai CPA, CM
  • Clara Bennett Boca Raton FL
    Executive Director
    Clara Bennett
  • Dan Gallagher CM Boston MA
    Director, Aviation Business & Finance
    Dan Gallagher CM
  • Dan Mann AAE Louisville KY
    Executive Director
    Dan Mann AAE
  • Sylvester Lavender CPA Birmingham AL
    Director of Finance
    Sylvester Lavender CPA
  • Brad Weston CM Orlando FL
    Managing Consultant
    Brad Weston CM
  • Alex Everman CM Boise ID
    Deputy Director of Aviation
    Alex Everman CM
  • Tim Bannon AAE Champaign IL
    Executive Director
    Tim Bannon AAE
  • Ted Kitchens AAE Manchester NH
    Airport Director
    Ted Kitchens AAE
  • Richard Strickland CM Key West FL
    Sr. Director of Airports
    Richard Strickland CM
  • Jennifer Ekeler Lincoln NE
    Dep. Director of Finance & Admin.
    Jennifer Ekeler
  • Scott Brownlee, CM Mesa AZ
    Deputy Director
    Scott Brownlee, CM
  • Henry Thompson AAE IAP Santa Barbara CA
    Airport Director
    Henry Thompson AAE IAP
  • Chris Rozansky CM Naples FL
    Executive Director
    Chris Rozansky CM
  • Carlos Ruiz-Coll AAE Greenville SC
    Director of Commercial Business
    Carlos Ruiz-Coll AAE
  • Patrick Lammerding Burbank CA
    Dep. Exec. Director Planning & Dev.
    Patrick Lammerding
  • Jeffery Roach AAE Nashville TN
    Assist. Vice President, Strategic Planning
    Jeffery Roach AAE
  • Henrietta Brown CM New Orleans LA
    Deputy Director Business & Finance
    Henrietta Brown CM
  • Aaron Keller CM SBA Santa Barbara CA
    Airport Operations Manager
    Aaron Keller CM
  • Daniel Ponce CPA Shafter CA
    Dep. Director, Finance & Admin.
    Daniel Ponce CPA
  • Jim Elwood AAE Jackson Hole, WY
    Airport Director
    Jim Elwood AAE
  • John Aitken San José CA
    Director of Aviation
    John Aitken
  • Mark VanLoh AAE Jacksonville FL
    Chief Executive Officer
    Mark VanLoh AAE
  • Caroline Bonynge CM Aspen CO
    Dir. Ops, Safety, Sec.
    Caroline Bonynge CM
  • Robert Bowen AAE Norfolk VA
    Executive Director
    Robert Bowen AAE
  • Tim Barth CM Cheyenne WY
    Director of Aviation
    Tim Barth CM
  • Charles Everett CM New York, NY
    Deputy Director, Aviation
    Charles Everett CM
  • Kenneth Carley AAE McKinney TX
    Airport Director
    Kenneth Carley AAE
  • Benjamin Leischner AAE Moline IL
    Executive Director
    Benjamin Leischner AAE
  • Arlyn Purcell Seattle WA
    Dir. Aviation Envir. & Sustainability
    Arlyn Purcell
  • Chuck McFall PhD Raleigh-Durham
    VP & Chief Strategy Information Officer
    Chuck McFall PhD
  • Steve Wilson Indianapolis IN
    Director of Parking Operations
    Steve Wilson
  • Sandra McQuain Alexandria LA
    Executive Director
    Sandra McQuain
  • Mike Conner CM Amarillo TX
    Director of Aviation
    Mike Conner CM
  • Jonathan Buff Ft. Myers FL
    Senior Manager–Flight Support FBO
    Jonathan Buff
  • Alison Chadwell PE Cincinnati OH
    Senior Project Manager/Engineer
    Alison Chadwell PE
  • Sherry Miller Chico CA
    Airport Manager
    Sherry Miller
  • Api Appulingam PE Philadelphia PA
    Dep. Dir. Aviation, Capital Development
    Api Appulingam PE
  • Edward McDonald Nashville TN
    Asst. V.P. Risk Management
    Edward McDonald
  • Jason Licon ACE Fort Collins/Loveland CO
    Airport Director
    Jason Licon ACE
  • Matt Whitelock CM ACE Rapid City SD
    Airport Dep. Director
    Matt Whitelock CM ACE
  • Mark Busalacchi Melbourne FL
    Director of Business Development
    Mark Busalacchi
  • Aaron Davis IAP CM Cincinnati OH
    Director Asset Management
    Aaron Davis IAP CM
  • Nancy White CPA Knoxville TN
    Vice President Finance & Administration
    Nancy White CPA
  • Diane Terrill PMP CM Naples FL
    Dep. Executive Director
    Diane Terrill PMP CM
  • Patrick Wilson AAE Knoxville TN
    Patrick Wilson AAE
  • Michael Reisman AAE Asheville NC
    Dep. Exec. Director
    Michael Reisman AAE
  • Nick Brown CM Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Project Manager
    Aviation Planning
    Nick Brown CM
  • Michael La Pier AAE Monterey, CA
    Executive Director
    Michael La Pier AAE
  • Maggie Bishop Indianapolis IN
    Business Development Analyst
    Maggie Bishop
  • Casey Denny AAE Columbus OH
    Vice President Asset Management
    Casey Denny AAE
  • Cindy Nichol Sacramento CA
    Director of Airports
    Cindy Nichol
  • Judy Ross AAE San Jose CA
    Assistant Director of Aviation
    Judy Ross AAE
  • Jarred Roenker CPA Norfolk VA
    Director of Finance
    Jarred Roenker CPA
  • Marv Esterly Harlingen TX
    Director of Aviation
    Marv Esterly
  • Greg Donovan AAE Melbourne, FL
    Executive Director
    Greg Donovan AAE
  • Aaron Buob CM Aspen CO
    Assistant Aviation Director
    Aaron Buob CM
  • Mike Gula AAE Columbia SC
    Executive Director
    Mike Gula AAE
  • Pat Apone AAE Louisville KY
    Dep. Exec. Director Finance & Admin
    Pat Apone AAE
  • Tom Rafter AAE Nantucket MA
    Airport Manager
    Tom Rafter AAE
  • Drake Beaton Spokane WA
    Director of Properties & Contracts
    Drake Beaton
  • Niki Jackson Frisco TX
    Project Manager
    Niki Jackson
  • Justin Meyer Kansas City MO
    Dep. Dir. of Marketing & Air Service Dev.
    Justin Meyer
  • Diana Lewis AAE Roanoke VA
    Director of Planning & Engineering
    Diana Lewis AAE
  • Thomas Bartlett San Antonio TX
    Aviation Deputy Director
    Thomas Bartlett
  • Thomas Laming CM Omaha NE
    Senior Analyst Air Service Development
    Thomas Laming CM
  • Larry Krauter AAE AICP Spokane WA
    Chief Executive Officer
    Larry Krauter AAE AICP
  • Courtney Johnson CM San Luis Obispo CA
    Dep Dir Fin & Admin
    Courtney Johnson CM
  • David Freedman Raleigh-Durham NC
    Senior Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer
    David Freedman
  • John Kinney CM Aspen CO
    Director of Aviation
    John Kinney CM
  • Greg Phillips AAE Colorado Springs CO
    Director of Aviation
    Greg Phillips AAE
  • Trent Moyers Wenatchee WA
    Airport Director
    Trent Moyers
  • Mark Raker Boston MA
    Director of Airline Route Development
    Mark Raker
  • Kevin Jones Cincinnati OH
    Director of Information Technology
    Kevin Jones
  • Michael Mathews Athens GA
    Airport Director
    Michael Mathews
  • Barbie Peek Huntsville, AL
    Director of Business Development
    Barbie Peek
  • Pamela Brown Atlanta GA
    Vice President Business Development
    Pamela Brown
  • Kimberly Jones Madison WI
    Airport Director
    Kimberly Jones
  • Bryant Walker CM Brownsville TX
    Airport Director
    Bryant Walker CM
  • Angela Padalecki Grand Junction CO
    Executive Director
    Angela Padalecki
  • Devon Brubaker AAE Rock Springs WY
    Airport Manager
    Devon Brubaker AAE
  • Mike O’Dell CPA Melbourne, FL
    Director of Finance & Administration
    Mike O’Dell CPA
  • Marty Lenss CM Cedar Rapids, IA
    Airport Director
    Marty Lenss CM
  • Jason Gillette CM Evansville IN
    Director of Operations & Maintenance
    Jason Gillette CM
  • Kevin Vandeberg AAE Huntsville AL
    Director - Operations
    Kevin Vandeberg AAE
  • Ren Camacho AAE, PE Akron OH
    President & CEO
    Ren Camacho AAE, PE
  • Joseph Moratalla CPA Cincinnati OH
    Dir Acct/Capital Assets
    Joseph Moratalla CPA
  • Joe Marana AAE Ft. Wayne IN
    Director Operations & Facilities
    Joe Marana AAE
  • Kate Webb Tampa FL
    Director of Concessions
    Kate Webb
  • Ron Mathieu CM Birmingham AL
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Ron Mathieu CM
  • Wayne Sieloff AAE IAP Lansing MI
    President & CEO
    Wayne Sieloff AAE IAP
  • Bradley Dalton AAE Philadelphia PA
    Dep. Dir. of Aviation, Operations & Security
    Bradley Dalton AAE
  • Scott Hinderman AAE Fort Wayne IN
    Executive Director
    Scott Hinderman AAE
  • Cody Roggatz CM Eureka CA
    Director of Aviation
    Cody Roggatz CM
  • Kim Hawk CPA San José CA
    Dep. Director of Finance & Admin.
    Kim Hawk CPA
  • David Tipton CPA CFA CM Little Rock AR
    Chief Financial Officer
    David Tipton CPA CFA CM
  • Nino Sapone AAE Flint MI
    Dep. Airport Dir. Operations & Maint.
    Nino Sapone AAE
  • Gene Cossey AAE IAP Blountville TN
    Executive Director
    Gene Cossey AAE IAP
  • Ryan Riesinger CM Grand Forks ND
    Executive Director
    Ryan Riesinger CM
  • Elizabeth Brown Sanford FL
    General Manager
    Elizabeth Brown
  • Stacy Mattson CM Oakland CA
    Airport Operations Manager, Landside
    Stacy Mattson CM
  • Barry Rondinella AAE Santa Ana CA
    Airport Director
    Barry Rondinella AAE
  • Julie Curtis South Bend IN
    Director, Marketing & Development
    Julie Curtis
  • Kathleen Watkins CPA Boise ID
    Dep Dir Fin & Admin
    Kathleen Watkins CPA
  • James Montgomery Detroit MI
    VP, Operations & Maintenance
    James Montgomery
  • Tim Bradshaw AAE Roanoke VA
    Executive Director
    Tim Bradshaw AAE
  • Rebecca Hupp AAE Boise ID
    Airport Director
    Rebecca Hupp AAE
  • Jeff Mulder AAE Ft Myers FL
    Executive Director
    Jeff Mulder AAE
  • J. Brian O’Neill AAE Mesa AZ
    Executive Director
    J. Brian O’Neill AAE
  • Deanna Zachrisson Santa Barbara CA
    Business Dev Manager
    Deanna Zachrisson
  • Jon Cimperman Oakland CA
    Airport Operations Manager, Landside
    Jon Cimperman