Question Set #2 – Behavioral Questions


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By practicing these questions, you will have an opportunity to think about best examples to share and also practice communicating your experiences clearly and confidently. By thinking about these examples in advance, you won’t find yourself saying after the interview, “I wish I had told them about _______(fill in the blank)!” Or, “I wish I hadn’t said ________ (fill in the blank).” Question Set # 2 helps you to stay calm and not get rattled because you will learn to anticipate.

There are 10 questions to complete within 30 days from signing into your interview link. You can practice as many “retakes” as you like on each question before you submit your response and move to the next question. Each question has unlimited “think” time before you answer, and the time limit will be up to three minutes for each question. The time limit will help you to learn to become concise and not ramble. Once you submit your last response, you will receive the link to your recorded video for your review.

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