Question Set #3 – Supervisory & Teamwork Questions


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This question set is important for those who want to move up in an organization. If you have never had the opportunity to supervise others, and would  like to do so, consider expressing your interest with your supervisor or someone higher in the organization. Observe what you admire (or do not) in people who supervise you. Good supervisors gain satisfaction from helping people grow, empowering them in their roles with thoughtful accountability, and creating an environment were people look forward to their work and contributions. This question set will help you evaluate your own skill sets more objectively and make you mindful of what targets you need to set for yourself to improve your own supervisory skill sets.

Reminder: There are 10 questions to complete within 30 days from signing into  your interview link. You can practice as many “retakes” as you like on each question before you submit your response and move to the next question. Each question has unlimited “think” time before you answer, and the time limit will be up to three minutes for each question. The time limit will help you to learn to become concise and not ramble. Once you submit your last response, you will receive the link to your recorded video for your review. Congratulations! You are on your way to improving your presentation skills and becoming a more thoughtful supervisor.

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