Stephanie Adams Recognized for Five Years at ADK

Stephanie Adams ADK Website 2020
Stephanie Adams ADK Website 2020

April 12, 2022

Stephanie Adams is celebrating her five-year anniversary of being part of the ADK Team. Stephanie assists the ADK team with sourcing, researching information, maintaining conference records, and helping to maintain ADK’s applicant tracking system database.

Stephanie’s favorite part of being on the ADK team is the interpersonal relationships that have been created. “Since we are spread out all over the country, it would not be difficult to feel detached or even isolated, but each member of the team tries to check up on one another. Even if it is just an email or text, someone is almost always in contact with someone else to ensure they are not feeling separated from the team.”

What may surprise people about Stephanie is the fact that she is the youngest ADK team member, and that aside from her ADK position, she is a farmer. This past year, she has been learning more about cattle husbandry, gardening, and understanding/fixing/operating farm equipment “now that I have a farm to manage”.

A resident of Brunswick, Georgia, Stephanie enjoys traveling to Athens, Georgia each year for the G-Day Game with her significant other and her best friend where the next day they have a tradition of visiting a museum, aquarium, or botanical garden in or near Athens. “It is a fun way to get out of town for a weekend and experience something unique.”

Stephanie has one black cat, who she says is spoiled. Her hobbies include acrylic painting, pencil/ink/charcoal drawing, pyrography, and digital art, plus some video gaming in her downtime.

Stephanie finished with saying, “I am thankful and grateful to be working at ADK. Working remotely allows me to pursue my hobbies and find a work-life balance that suits me.” Congratulations on four great years, Stephanie!

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