Our Company

Since 2003, ADK Consulting & Executive Search has been performing senior management / executive level searches and organizational consulting. We credit our success to two key things: first, is our ADK Team of industry and human resources specialists; and second, is our expertise in assessing leadership and organizations. With the transformation of industries such as aviation / aerospace and others, and on-going business complexity, our clients increasingly look to us to leverage our industry knowledge for best-practices and insights for their organizations.

Our reputation for identifying top talent and assisting organizations to become more efficient and effective is demonstrated in the fact that ADK has filled more recruitments at the senior and executive level for commercial service and general aviation airports than any other search firm since 2003.

We have the knowledge and expertise to recruit the best fit candidates for our clients. The vacancies we have filled have been across the spectrum from executive and senior leadership to other administrative level positions. Our clients are cities, counties, authorities, stand-alone commissions, airports and public and private companies.

We continually strive to exceed both client and candidate expectations. Our team is fully committed to providing the highest level of service and results in the recruitment and development of their leadership teams. Through our solutions of executive search, interim management, leadership development and organizational consulting, we partner with our clients to assess their needs and deliver exceptional value.

Why We Exist

Prior to ADK entering the market, organizations and companies filled their executive positions themselves, without the services of a professional recruitment firm, or they used very traditional 'all industry', high-overhead search firms that often did things 'the way they have always been done.' We felt that organizations deserved a more innovative, yet affordable, professional approach using state-of-the-art communication, technology, and methodology. We began with a simple mission: to deliver superior executive recruitment and organizational services at a fee that is fair and reasonable for the services rendered. ADK’s modest beginnings have created a culture that fosters creativity, resourcefulness, enthusiasm and an unwavering focus on client service. We take pride in the work we do for our clients and the opportunities we have to continue to bring the best quality service to our clients each and every day.

Our Values

Our clients are the reason for our existence.
Our people, reputation, service, innovation and expertise are the core of our success.