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Variety of Search Services

ADK offers a variety of search options to allow you to choose the best search process to fit your organization, timeline and budget.

Regardless of the service selected, we provide the highest level of service, dedication, and results. We are committed to being nimble and flexible to meet the needs of all of our clients. We are dedicated to their success.

Since 2003…Over 80% of our business comes from repeat clients.

C-Level Executive Search

We offer search services tailored to meet your needs… from ADK’s flagship Full Service Executive Search to our HR Assist Searches. With Full Service, we are with you every step of the way from start to finish with guaranteed results. Our HR Assist program features the core benefits of a full-service search, with the client conducting their on-site final interviews and candidate selection utilizing their internal human resources team.

Ability to Execute Quickly &
Hire Key Positions

We communicate with our clients at the start of the search to understand the nuances of the position to be filled as well as the urgency of our client so that a timeline can be established to meet expectations. We are known for being able to fill those “difficult to fill” positions. For the past several years, one third of the positions we have filled have been due to retirements, one third due to vacancies caused by promotions or departures and one third due to newly created specialty positions.

Streamlined Process with a Personal Touch

Our job is to make your job easier and ensure that you have an outstanding candidate pool for your final selection of a leader who will make a positive impact on your organization and community. Whether the search is being conducted by an experienced search committee or individual, or the search is an out of the ordinary event, we are there to help our clients whenever needed to make the process seamless and give our clients confidence in the future outcome of the search.

Interim Leadership

Timing is everything. ADK provides qualified and experienced senior leadership resources, often on short notice, to ensure that our clients continue to excel, allowing sufficient time to recruit your next perfect leader. Few things are more disruptive to an organization than a gap in leadership due to a planned or unplanned loss of key leadership.

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