Ann Roberts Observes Five Years with the ADK Team

Ann Roberts
Ann Roberts

April 4, 2023

ADK is celebrating Ann Roberts as she celebrates five years as part of the ADK team. Ann was originally brought on board as an associate, and now holds the title of Director, Marketing and Research.  “There are no formal job descriptions, so it is a ‘learn as you go’ experience but I always keep in mind that my efforts bring value to the organization. I found my niche in sourcing talent for our recruitment projects and discovered I enjoy that aspect. It allows me to connect with candidates and learn something about each one. My previous experience on the agency side was in the space all around human resources, recruiting, retention, talent acquisition and employer branding. However, I had never directly sourced for talent. While that is still what I ‘do’ with ADK, I am more involved in the marketing and research role to help ADK promote and market consulting services, new services, update the website and expand presence at conferences to name a few.”

Ann’s favorite part of being on the ADK team is exactly that; being on a team. A true team. “There was one other employer in my past who was able to create a true ‘team‘ environment where we all worked toward a common goal of creating solutions for our clients. All input was welcome and encouraged, there was open communication, collaboration and camaraderie. We celebrated our accomplishments as a team. I have come to realize that it all starts with the leadership of the organization. ADK has created that same environment.”

Ann and her husband have a long history of owning dogs from Golden Retrievers to Cocker Spaniels and now they have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that they rescued. “She is a joy and such a happy soul.” One of Ann’s other hobbies is long distance running. “I have completed 25+ marathons and two ‘ultras’ (forty-five and fifty miles respectively).”

Here’s to many more years with ADK, Ann!

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