Barry Bratton, A.A.E., Celebrates Six Years with ADK

Barry Bratton ADK Website 2020
Barry Bratton ADK Website 2020

March 9, 2024

ADK is celebrating the six-year anniversary of Barry Bratton, A.A.E., on our team.

Most of Barry’s time to date with ADK has been spent providing interim staffing to our client airports during the search process for a permanent airport manager/director. Barry feels that each of his interim assignments have been challenging and rewarding. He has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the staff, tenants, and sponsors of airports across the Country, and helping them to reach their goals. While each airport is unique, Barry has found that the one thing common to every one of them is a highly dedicated group of people who are passionate about their work.

“The ADK team is amazing. Everyone is so supportive and focused on providing the absolute best for our clients. My favorite part is learning from the depth of experience of our team members,” said Barry.

When asked about something that may surprise people, Barry told us that he was privileged to spend three full seasons in Antarctica flying research and logistics missions in support of the National Science Foundation. “It was always a special experience landing at an open field site (snow) in an LC-130 Hercules where no human had ever walked before.”

Along with most of the ADK team, Barry and his wife, Pam, enjoy traveling. “Aside from cruising the Caribbean, I’m a history junkie, so I love Europe, Asia, and anywhere I can learn something about history. One of my favorite recent visits was to Bruges Belgium, where you can turn a corner and seemingly be transported to Europe’s Dark Ages.”

In his spare time, Barry loves working with youth and young adults to inspire them to consider a career in aviation or aerospace. For the past 15 years, he has served as a volunteer evaluator for the Transportation Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program’s annual student design competition for universities. He is also a professional reference for the student teams and meets with them virtually throughout the year to provide input as they work on their design projects. Additionally, Barry volunteers with his local flying club to provide presentations and tours of our aircraft to STEM students. Barry tells us that he is currently between pets as he travels more than ever, but said, “I do miss coming home to a wagging tail or having a cuddly cat hop on my lap. I love to bicycle and fly when I can.”

When asked, “What do you know for sure?”, Barry responded, “I know for sure that mankind needs to focus more on love and mutual respect.” We agree!

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