Blake Astran Celebrates Five Years with the ADK Team

August 21, 2023

Blake Astran, JD, is celebrating five years with the ADK Team. Blake’s work at ADK is two-fold: as Vice President, Business Operations, Blake spearheads business development efforts. This includes outreach to potential new clients and writing and preparing proposals. He also serves as Project Manager on searches where he leads the full life-cycle recruitment for our clients.  This includes sourcing, screening, and final negotiations with candidates.

When asked what he enjoys most about his work with ADK, Blake replied, “The healthy collaborative culture is my favorite part of being on the ADK team.  Employees of ADK feel empowered to speak their mind and challenge others in a respectful manner.”

One thing that may surprise people about Blake is learning that he has a legal background. Blake worked as a criminal defense attorney prior to getting into the recruiting industry.

Blake and his wife, Alex, love to travel to the Caribbean, Italy, and especially The Maldives where we they spent their honeymoon. Here lately, with the pandemic limiting travel and so many other things, Blake and Alex along with their 3 kids have really taken to family hobbies including cooking.  “We have tried to make and bake lots of different meals, some even turned out pretty good!”

Blake’s family has a black Labrador mix named Pickles and Blake’s hobbies include watching Florida Gator Football games and playing basketball.

When asked, “What do you know for sure?”, Blake says, “I know for sure that you get out what you put in.” Blake concluded by saying, “I feel incredibly lucky to be working for ADK!  I not only love what I am doing, but also love our team!” The feeling is mutual!

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