Congratulations to Cindy Chase for 7 Years with ADK

Cindy Chase ADK Website 2020
Cindy Chase ADK Website 2020

January 2, 2021

Cindy Chase is celebrating her 7-year anniversary as being part of the ADK team. One of Cindy’s many responsibilities is assisting project managers in the selection process in recommending candidates to move forward to final interviews.  Specifically, she conducts the “long interviews” for the project manager.  The purpose of the long interviews is to learn more about the candidates and their suitability for the open position.  “Working with the project manager and knowing the client’s needs, I look for the right characteristics in the candidates to enable a perfect fit.”

What Cindy most enjoys about being part of the ADK team is being able to work in a culture that is uplifting, positive and respectful.  “It is a lesson in leadership to watch company owners, Doug and Annell, corral this team of professionals, who work virtually all over the country and have widely divergent opinions, skillfully focus the team’s efforts toward a unified cause.  Each member of the team is focused on success and anything less is not considered. This dedication is all due to the leadership of Doug and Annell.  They are incredible as a team and individually exceptional in their own right.”

Cindy is passionate about traveling and she has travelled to a number of interesting places throughout her lifetime.  She considers herself lucky to have lived in some incredible places, such as Alaska for 26 years.  “Currently, my favorite place is Tanzania, Africa.  After taking a safari in 2016 with our daughter, our daughter moved to Africa to apply her knowledge in the field of permaculture.  We returned to Africa to visit her in 2019 and to meet her newfound friends, members of the Maasai tribe.  We found her Maasai friends to be the most generous, kind, protective and fun people we have ever met.  On a daily basis, I try to figure out how to detach myself from my current life and live in Africa.”

While this last year has been a challenge on one level, on another, it’s been business as usual, because we have always worked in a virtual environment at ADK.  A quilter, Cindy has finished five quilts and is now working on her 6th.  “I have caught up on watching TV series’ that I didn’t watch while working full time.  That’s been fun!  And finally, we have completed the complete remodel of the inside of our home and have now started on the landscaping effort outside.  Weather permitting, I live outside.  It is very important to me to be able to enjoy the outdoors. 

Cindy also has three cats who “run our lives”.  One is a Baby Doll Persian from Thailand, where their daughter lived at one time, one is a regular Persian from Abu Dhabi, where her husband worked for years and one is a “good  ol’ tomcat” from Sacramento.  “I constantly wonder when I’m once again out looking for one of the kitties, who is running the show in our house, the cats or me?”

Cindy tells us that what she knows for sure is that there are incredible people in the aviation industry.  “Without exception, on each project that I work on, I finish the project taking time to reflect on the wisdom that candidates have shared with me.  Over their career, these leaders have learned from trial and error and applied the knowledge they’ve learned to increase their effectiveness.”  Cindy especially enjoys when a leader in the industry has taken the time to reflect on his/her career and can thoughtfully and succinctly share their philosophy of leadership and airport management. 

“On a personal level, what I know is that these are difficult and unprecedented times in our history, and it is important to be gracious citizens who contribute to solutions.” Congrats, Cindy! Here’s to many more years with Team ADK!

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