Congratulations to Matt Nelson, C.M., on his Five-Year Anniversary with ADK

Matt Nelson ADK Website 2020
Matt Nelson ADK Website 2020

July 2, 2020

Matt Nelson, C.M., ATP has celebrated five years with the ADK team. Although Matt serves ADK as a Senior Project Manager, he really looks at his role as more of connecting our clients with candidates who most closely meet their criteria of what their perfect candidate looks like. “My goal is to listen intently while at the same time providing them suggestions when it is helpful.”

Matt’s favorite part of his ADK experience is running into ADK clients and candidates at airport conferences who have thanked him for helping them realize their goals. “I also take great pride in hearing that ADK has helped raise the professional bar in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry. The industry is taking note on the challenges airport professionals face on a daily basis.”

Matt consistently keeps the ADK team laughing. He says he has more takeoffs in airplanes than landings. This sounds alarming until you realize he’s talking about skydiving. And speaking of skydiving, Matt, a former pilot, says, “I am scared of heights. No, seriously. I don’t like Ferris wheels.” Matt is an avid outdoorsman and has scuba dived with sharks (we didn’t know that sharks scuba dived!) and bicycled across the United States from Oregon to New Jersey. Before joining ADK, Matt flew the Boeing 737 for Southwest Airlines. Some memorable flights included carrying WWII Vets to Washington, DC, and one of the last living Munchkin actors from The Wizard of Oz. 

Matt enjoys traveling to London and Maui and enjoys Lake Tahoe for downhill skiing in the wintertime. This past year found him sailing in the San Juan Islands of Washington with friends and Alpine Touring ski camping where the group summited South Sister Mountain in Bend, Oregon and skied down it.  “We stashed IPA beers waiting for us left in a snowbank in the parking lot.” Matt says to quiet his adventurous side, he likes to grow fruits and vegetables.

Matt is also currently serving as President of the Monterey Rotary Club.  He is proud of their global focus: the eradication of Polio which only now exists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The Continent of Africa passed a significant milestone in 2020 as it is now free of wild polio virus. Their local focus is supporting our youth. “We have raised funds to purchase musical instruments and support art programs for high school and community college students.  This year we have pivoted to help support the Monterey County Food Bank to address food insecurity issues.”

What Matt knows for sure is, “The sun will rise tomorrow, and my jokes will always be funny, to a very few…….”