Jennifer Sharp Marks Six Years with ADK

Jennifer Sharp 2021 for website

February 8, 2023

Jennifer Sharp is celebrating her six-year anniversary on the ADK Team. Jennifer is an integral part of the team. “I am fortunate to work on our projects from when they launch until we have a successful candidate. I work closely with our Project Managers to advertise our positions to recruit the best possible candidates. I also create the ADK e-newsletter and help maintain the company’s website, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages. As candidates move through our job selection process, I ensure they complete the necessary requirements. When we are ready to announce a successful candidate, I write the announcement and share the news with the media and our ADK constituents.”

Jennifer enjoys working with the ADK team because she loves the opportunity of working with such a diverse group. “I like the fact that Doug and Annell (company owners) trust me to be autonomous, yet we still have the capability to come together as a creative group. I admire Doug and Annell so much – ADK is a terrific company to work for and I feel humbled to work for such great people.”

What might surprise people is that Jennifer had twin daughters at the age of 44; very active twins who keep her very busy. When Jennifer told us what she’s been doing this year, she says, “Trying to survive life with two 15-year-old girls. I think I deserve an award. Or chocolate. Or both.” She added, “Another little known fact was that I was in the FSU Circus in college and learned to juggle and had the opportunity to fly on the trapeze. That definitely prepared me for teenagers.”

Jennifer loves to travel, and when we asked her what her favorite travel destination is, she replied, “Honestly, the United States – we have such a diverse nation. I love visiting our National Parks – my favorite is Yellowstone National Park. I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Germany, France and Austria but one of my life goals is to visit all 50 states and I have 6 more to go!”

Jennifer and her girls have two cats, Jazzy and Peepers. In her spare time, she loves reading and photography and volunteering at her church. She and her daughters, Hannah and Emma, also share a love for musical theater.

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