Linda Frankl, A.A.E., to Speak at Florida Airports Council Webinar

June 21, 2023

ORLANDO, FL – Linda Frankl, A.A.E., Senior Practice Leader for ADK, will participate in a webinar hosted by the Florida Airports Council on June 28, 2023 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm EST. This informational and educational webinar, Recruitment is a Team Sport, discusses the challenges of recruiting and retaining talent moderated by Flight Media Group, LLC, and presented by Greater Orlando International Airport, ADK Consulting & Executive Search, and SSi.

Kimberly Castro, Training & Exercise Director, Flight Media Group, LLC, will be moderating the webinar. Joining Linda on the panel will be Randy Hudgins, DBA, PHR – VP Human Resources, GOAA and Scott Simpson – Chief Operating Officer, SSi.

The panel will provide different perspectives on the challenges faced when hiring and retaining talent and provide best practices. Regarding recruiting staff, the group will discuss processes for hiring, how organizations find the talent they need to hire and the benefits of using a recruiter or third party recruiter. As the title of the session indicates, Recruiting is a Team Sport, so how do you engage others in the process? The panel will also discuss the transition of retaining staff. Once you have them on board, what are you doing to keep them engaged. What does your onboarding process include?

This fast-moving webinar will provide conversation and dialog everyone can learn from. Notes from the discussion will be provided as a follow-up take-away for easy reference.

The Florida Airports Council is composed of members representing all 20 Florida commercial service airports and 75 of the state’s publicly-owned general aviation airports, 1 Spaceport (Cecil Airport) and more than 250 corporate, educational, affiliate, student chapters and student members.

Get more information about the webinar here.